Hazmeds is an innovative company focused on organizing training and supplying materials for operational services, hospitals and defense.


Good preparation is essential for dealing with CBRN incidents and combating terrorism.


The solution for shelter or mobile decontamination unit. Durable, quick to deploy and built for efficiency.

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Mobile Insulation Unit, Isobag

The ISOBAG provides a high level of protection against exposure of life-threatening infectious diseases, such as hemorrhagic viruses and deadly bacteria, by using a high quality sealing technology. It is primarily used for the...

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Learning Pathway Dedicated Team SEH

Learning pathway "Dedicated Team SEH"

This Learning Pathway was written as part of the Masterclass Designing Learning Pathways as part of the Master of Education (MEd) program at NCOI. Foreword Commissioned by HAZMEDS B.V., a learning trajectory was designed for...

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Supply of Zumro tents for landing ships LCU

From Hazmeds Airshelters BV we are, through De Haas Shipyards, involved in the project to upgrade 5 landing ships LCU. An upgrade of the landing ships which each ship will be equipped with 4x Zumro fast...

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